Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oven-Grilled Turkey Reuben Sandwich

Whenever I go to a diner, I always order a Reuben sandwich. I love the combination of the sweet Russian dressing with the pickled sauerkraut, cheese and corned beef. But I never tried making them at home until I ran across this Cook’s Illustrated recipe. The original recipe calls for the traditional corned beef, but I used smoked turkey instead to lighten the meal. And, of course, because I don’t like caraway seeds, I skipped the rye bread and went with a hearty wheat.

One of the tricks of this recipe is making a quick “sauerkraut” by simmering cabbage (or bagged coleslaw) with vinegar and sugar. They also replaced the typical sweet dressing with a simple blend of mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. By oven-grilling the sandwiches, you can cook them all at once (and without turning them) rather than cooking them in batches on the stovetop.

Click here to download and print a pdf of this recipe:

Oven-Grilled Turkey Reuben Sandwich


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious !Something I can make. Woodchip Willy

Steph said...

wow this looks yummy! I was going to ask you, about this veggie delivery, are they all organic? I am on a special diet with some health ailments I have, so i was wondering the price etc...its so expensive in stores-not to mention i don't really trust them. Btw. this is Bill's girlfriend Steph :) Sorry to bother you....I am going to try this recipe this weekend! :)

J.Noelle said...

Hi Steph! Yes, all of the veggies are organic. Most CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) farms are organic - although they may not be officially certified organic by the USDA, but they use organic growing practices. Depending on the farm, the cost comes out to be about $25/week for a full box, which is a pretty great deal for organic produce. I'll email Bill with more information about finding a resource closer to you (I don't think Angelic Organics has a drop off where you live).

Joanne Wiedemann-Wolf said...

If anyone out there is looking for good, organic, local and sustainable goods, check out You can find anything your heart desires. Angelic Organics is great ( Don't hesitate though, they usually sell out of shares by March. You can also get a list of farms in our CRAFT network by emailing
Joanne Wiedemann-Wolf
Angelic Organics Learning Center