Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Zucchini Bread with a Twist

Last summer I heard a story that summed up zucchini and the problem that plagues all of us: in a small town where people didn’t have to lock their car or house doors, during high zucchini season, people would literally dump bags of them in unsuspecting neighbors’ cars just to get rid of them. Technically, this is probably a “crime”, but a harmless enough one. In any case, it illustrates just how overwhelming it can be to deal with the shear amount of zucchini that a garden (or CSA vegetable box!) can produce.

So what to do?!? When you’re in over your head with zucchini, bake it into bread. I started with a base recipe for a nine-inch loaf and added different flavorings. You can go the savory & sweet Indian route with Curry, Ginger & Raisins. Or try a more decadent version with Macadamia Nuts & Toasted Coconut. And for a fresh, seasonal variation how about Fresh Mint & Lemon. The possibilities are endless as long as you start with a great base recipe and market- or box-fresh zucchini. Experiment and have fun!

Click here to download and print a pdf of this recipe:

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini on Foodista


Rick said...

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I just found out about it in the latest Angelic Organics newsletter. My family and I are beginning our first season with Angelic starting in a couple weeks. We're on the 12-week program. If all goes well, we'll likely become a permanent part of the CSA family. We'll have to see how we do with a huge influx of veggies. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

Mike & G said...

Or you can take a tip from old MP and blend those surplus zucchinis into a veggie smoothie! Mmmmmmmmmm.