Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mexican Grilled Corn

You can’t go wrong with simply boiling or grilling fresh sweet corn and topping it off with butter and a shake of salt & pepper. But sometimes you want a little more oomph out of your corn and this recipe delivers. Mexican Grilled Corn is savory, smoky and sweet. Each topping adds it’s own layer of flavor to the mix: the mayonnaise mixture is creamy and rich; lime adds a splash of fresh, tangy bite; and parmesan adds the salty finish.

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Mexican Grilled Corn


Puraz said...

Learned this trick from my GF. When boiling the corn, add some milk to the mixture. Also if the corn comes with it's husk, tear off some fresh leaves and add them to the boiling mix. Gives a great flavour.
For the 'peaches and cream' sort of corn flavour, add a bit of sugar.

Anonymous said...

Roasted/Boiled corn is popular street fare in India (delicious too). The street hawkers usually top off the thing by dipping a slice of lemon in a mixed salt and red chilli powder masala (subject to alteration) and giving the corn a good rub down of tang and spice. (Sans mayo or any milk products though fusion variants keep popping up all over the place).