Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Peas and Rhubarb

Spring fruits and vegetables come and go quickly at the market. Before you know it, we’re knee deep in cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet corn, so I take advantage of my favorite early season varieties while I still can. Over the weekend, I picked up some fresh, shelled sweet peas and a couple pounds of rhubarb. I made fettuccini with peas, prosciutto and a light cream sauce. For dessert, I prepared a rhubarb crisp with some sweet strawberries and a crumbly, crisp oat topping. Fresh, light and delicious! Both recipes can be found in Great Food Fast – one of the books I featured in an earlier post “Five Cookbook Recommendations”.

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David said...

Anytime you want to make this delicious treat again I will supply the ice cream!