Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Garlic Scapes

It’s unanimous – all of the Eat Green Foods chefs recommend grilling garlic scapes (“and then sautéing them in some butter”, adds Christine).

I wasn’t exactly sure what garlic scapes were, so I consulted Farmer John’s Cookbook for some more info. Here is an excerpt from his book:
Garlic scapes are the curlicue flower stalks we snap off garlic plants in the spring. Not only will you get to enjoy garlic-flavored scapes while you wait for the bulbs to come on, you’ll also get bigger bulbs of garlic later in the season as a result of our removing the flower stalks. Snapping off the flower redirects the plant’s energy down toward the root, and some say this process increases the bulb size by 30 percent or more!

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