Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Book ’n Cook | Fresh Food Fast

This is one of my favorite recipes that I come back to time and again. It’s a relatively easy recipe to make. It uses two of the season’s most bountiful ingredients – leeks and potatoes. And, it’s one of those versatile dishes that you could serve for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

This recipe is adapted from one of the Winter menus featured in Peter Berley’s Fresh Food Fast: Delicious, Seasonal Vegetarian Meals in Under an Hour. This is a well organized, beautifully designed, vegetarian cookbook that provides 48 meals – twelve for each season – including recipes, shopping lists and a game plan to walk you step-by-step through each menu. The meals boast a preparation time of under an hour and utilize techniques and tools that the average cook will have in her repertoire. I highly recommend it. It’s one of my top “go-to” cookbooks when cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Click here to download and print a pdf of this recipe:

Leek and Potato Frittata
Adapted from
Fresh Food Fast by Peter Berley


Jojo said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. It sounds and looks wonderful. Great site too!

Have you read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver?

J.Noelle said...

I haven't read it yet, but it's on my Amazon Wish List! ~ J.Noelle

Out of box said...

This is very much love by the chinese community. Normally, if the chinese they will add some fine chipped fried garlic with slight oil.

Eat it when it is still hot, is fantastic.