Monday, December 03, 2007

2007 Season: Recipe Wrap-up

All of the recipes from this year’s 24 box season in one convenient spot. If you would like to view the original post, enter the recipe name in the search box located at the top left corner in the gray bar.

Click on a recipe name to download and print a pdf:

Asian Steak Wrap
Baked Acorn Squash with Granola and Apples
Baked Pasta with Chard
Broccoli Pasta with Peanut Sauce
Broiled Salmon with Crisp Herbed Crust
Caramel Popcorn with Macadamia Nuts
Cauliflower & Apple Puree
Chickpea and Basil Puree
Double-Stuffed Bacon Buns
Eggplant Caviar
Feta & Mint Dip with Crudités
German Potato Salad
Homemade Basil Mayonnaise
Lasagna with Chard, Ricotta & Walnuts
Leek and Potato Frittata

Mexican Grilled Corn

One-Skillet Pasta with Chicken & Broccoli

Oven-Roasted Turkey Rueben Sandwiches

Pickled Scallions

Potato & Leek Flatbread with Roasted Garlic

Potato Gratin

Prepared Greens

Quick ’n Easy Tomato Soup

Roasted Squash and Black Bean Quesadillas

Roasted Squash Soup with Cayenne Pepper

Roasted Tomato Salsa

Salami & Arugula Sandwich with Cream Cheese

Stuffed Tomatoes with Chilled Corn and Crab Salad

Stuffed Tomatoes with Goat Cheese, Olives and Oregano

Summer Sweet Corn Soup

Tzatziki Sauce

White Bean, Kale & Chorizo Soup

Zucchini Bread


Mike & G said...

Woah. You did a lot of good work over 2007! Great to see all these tasty PDFs in one place.

Looks like you're well on your way to creating a book of your own: "24 Secrets of the CSA Buddha."

(Well, you may want to think up your own title :)

Have you considered bundling these PDFs up into one document?

Susan said...

wow! this is nice. thanks for the recipes.

Rachel said...

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful and inspriring blog, the perfect tool to help me use my Angelic Organic vegetables. I have made many of your recipes and loved all of them, and can't tell you how many times I've wondered at your taking the time to share your ideas with the rest of us. I really appreciate your design sensibilites, the way you are able to organize all the information, the beautiful photos of all the food you have made (noting that you have a lot of sets of dishes!) and most of all, the good research you have put into looking through all your cookbooks to come up with the right recipes for the right ingredients. Thank you again, and I hope you will continue with Angelic and with this blog, so I can feed off your inspirations. :)